BPT was established in 2003, as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of
Pet Vet Clinic to provide a professional perspective, effectively balancing the needs
of both human and animal health and welfare. BPT was granted honorary
membership of the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) in 2004.
Subsequent to the tsunami of December 2004, BPT, in collaboration with WSPA,
operated two mobile veterinary clinics to sterilize and vaccinate dogs in these
regions. Due to the success of this 2 year project, in 2007 WSPA invited BPT to carry
out a 5 year dog population management and rabies control program within the city
of Colombo.
Due to the continuing growth and expansion, in February 2011, BPT changed its
status from that of a Trust to a Not for Profit Organization Limited by Guarantee with
the Registrar of Companies with a Board and associated personnel appointed. In
parallel to this, application for charity status is being initiated